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AvMap: G7 Plus Farmnavigator + zunanji GPS sprejemnik Turtle Smart

AvMap G7 Plus Farmnavigator + zunanji GPS sprejemnik Turtle Smart

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2.013,00 €
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1.650,66 €

(Prihranek: 362,34 €)

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G7 Plus Farmnavigator

Your Guide to Precision Farming

7” Parallel Guidance + Automatic Section Control
+ Auto-Steering + Road Navigation

Versatile and easy to install

G7 Plus Farmnavigator is very versatile as it comes with 3 serial ports and 3 different power cable adapters for any kind of vehicle: 

  • Cigarette lighter plug,

  • Cobo adapter,

  • Spade terminals to feed it directly from a battery.

The installation takes only few minutes:

  1. Place the Farmnavigator on the bracket

  2. Plug the power cable

  3. Connect the external antenna into a DB9 connector.

Multi-touch Display and Remote Control

Multi-touch Display
Top-notch electronics at the service of agriculture: an incredibly bright 7” sun-light readable display with 16 million colors.

Hand gestures
Use multiple-finger gestures on the multi-touch display to scroll menus or to zoom in and out the field view. when in field view you can keep an eye on all the most important data and everything is just a touch away thanks to the collapsible menus. You can also use the remote control to ensure precise commands even when driving over bumpy fields.

Farmer-friendly Software with WiFi updates
The interface is intuitive, with large buttons for each function.
Software is updated through Wi-Fi: it has never been so easy!

Map your fields

Start creating your fields’ database:


  • measure your field boundary
  •  calculate the area

  • and save the position of obstacles or soil samples.


Satellite Assisted Parallel Guidance

Choose the guidelines for your activity and follow the guidance cursor to correct your driving.

  • Choose among A-B parallel lines, identical curves, adaptive contour or pivot guidelines.

  • Save and recall guidelines for further activities in the field.

  • Make sure the guidance line is always visible through the circle on the top of the smart cursor. The cursor will help you understand the tractor turn radius, to quickly correct your steer.

parallel guidelines

Parallel guidelines


(Identical curves)

Adaptive Contour

Adaptive Contour



Free scheme

Free scheme

Headland Management

When starting a job, you can create a headland within the field boundary, based on your working width.

  • The Headland Management function is very useful for irregular fields such as triangular fields. When active, the Automatic Section Control will close the sections of the implement at the headland border, the headland can be worked at the end, avoiding unnecessary overlaps.

  • The headland function can be used with A-B parallel guidelines, identical curves and adaptive contour guidelines.

Jobs Database

G7 Plus Farmnavigator records data for each Job: farmer, activity, field, implements used, products used, worked area, total time etc.

  • Manage your data: fields and jobs can be exported to Google Earth as .kmz files.

Section Control

Configure and control your implements:

  • Create a profile for each implement and activity e.g. seeding, fertilizing, or spraying: set the working width, or the number of boom sections and their individual width.

  • Then choose a profile and get indications for manual boom switch control to start reducing costs and protecting the environment.

Control your implements

  • Connect a compatible controller to G7 Farmnavigator for higher precision and greater productivity. G7 Farmnavigator calculates the exact treated area and controls automatically the boom sections based on the position received by the DGPS antenna.

  • You can still close or open manually a section from the display forcing the automatic control.

  • Compatible with:

- MC elettronica VT 5,7”
– Caffini CB9
– Geoline Geosystem 260
– Farmscan Unipod
– Agromechanika Ag-tronik 14

Extensions: Auto-Steering

G7 Plus Farmnavigator can be used with the Farmnavigator Auto-steering to achieve the maximum precision and reduce the operator fatigue.

The Farmnavigator Auto-steering System controls your vehicle steering and helps you stay on track, perfectly following the guidelines set on the Farmnavigator.

You can disengage the Auto-Steering by firmly grasping the steering wheel; you can engage it again very easily by tapping the icon on the Farmnavigator display.

Extensions: Videocamera

Control your cameras from the G7 display: perfect for rear view or to monitor sensitive points of the implements.
C-Box required.


Satellite Navigation

Offline Satellite Navigation with HERE maps

You can use G7 Plus Farmnavigator all year round to navigate to you fields or to anywhere else, thanks to the Road navigation function and HERE maps included!

  • Navigate with Satellite Navigation software by AvMap

  • Listen to turn-by-turn instructions with the Bluetooth speaker.

  • You can choose among three maps: Europe / Brazil / South Africa

Turtle Smart GPS / GNSS

GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO SBAS tracking, 72 Channels, Update rate up to 10 Hz. (Dowload the connection instructions). Exceptional performance even when the sky is obstructed by trees.

The new more compact and robust shape provides a firm grip on the support surface and enables the safe transit of the vehicle even in the presence of dense vegetation.

Ideal for basic precision operations: Mapping, Fertilizing, Spraying.

549,00 €

Novatel AG-Star

L1 GPS + GLONASS, SBAS tracking, Update rate 10 Hz, GLIDE technology for ultra-smooth positioning and exceptional pass-to-pass accuracy. Ideal for basic precision operations + manual and /or Auto-steering applications.

1403,00 €

Novatel Smart6-L

L1 GPS + GLONASS, SBAS tracking, 120 channels, Update rate up to 20 Hz, GLIDE technology for smooth and consistent positions for pass-to-pass applications. Upgrades available for L2 GPS, L-Band and RTK. Ideal for high precision Auto-steering applications.

2440,00 €

It may require longer delivery times

Comparation Table

Turtle Smart GPS/GNSS
Novatel AG Star
Novatel Smart6L






L Band









Update rate up to










Position smoothing technology


Pass-to-pass accuracy

SBAS 30 cm

SBAS + Glide 30 cm

SBAS + Glide 30 cm L1/L2 SBAS 16 cm Terrastar 4 cm RTK 2 cm

Compatibility with G6 series


Not compatible with G6 model P1ME265AAM

Glonass not supported by G6


Compatibility with G7 series


Suggested use

Basic precision operations: Mapping, Fertilizing, Spraying, Harvesting

Basic precision operations + Manual and/or Auto-steering applications: Seeding, Weeding, Planting, Harvesting

Basic precision operations + High precision Auto-steering applications: Seeding, Weeding, Planting, Harvesting

Choose the GPS receiver that best suits your job

Add to the Farmnavigator a smart GPS receiver: you can choose any GNSS receiver with NMEA0183 output. We offer three options for different needs and budgets.

When choosing the receiver, ask yourself: what do you need it for? What is the precision required by your job?
Do you need it for basic precision operations such as mapping your fields, spraying, fertilizing, or do you really need auto-steering for more precise applications?

G7 Plus Farmnavigator

1769,00 €

G7 Plus + Turtle Smart GPS/GNSS receiver

G7 Plus Farmnavigator + Turtle Smart GPS/GNSS receiver

2013,00 €

G7 Plus Farmnavigator + Ricevitore Novatel AG Star

3050,00 € €

Specification G7 Plus Farmnavigator

  • Display: 7” bonded LCD, 1024×600 px, 1000 nits

  • Capacitive Multi -Touch Screen

  • Built-in WAAS / EGNOS / MSAS GPS

  • Wi-Fi

  • Bluetooth (compatible with A2DP Bluetooth Speakers) 

  • Supply Voltage: 10-35 Vdc

  • Micro SD with road navigation software and maps

  • Power consumption: 1,5A MAX @ 12V (~18 W)

  • 3 serial ports: 2x DB9 powered 12V DC, 1x DB

  • Powered bracket with 3 adapters: cigarette lighter adapter, Cobo adapter, spade terminals adapter.

  • Operating temperature: -10° C + 60° C

  • Storage temperature: -30 °C + 80 ° C

  • Waterproof iPX6 suitable for use on tractors without a cab

  • Dimensions: 188×146 x 33 m

  • Weight: 640 g

Included accessories


Protective cover

Powered bracket
with 3 serial ports

Remote control


Heavy Duty Suction cup holder

Power cable adapters
(cigarette lighter, cobo,
spade terminals)

Remote control

Compare Products

Feature / model

G7 Plus 

G7 Ezy 



Field perimeter and area Calculation
Field and Jobs database
Satellite Assisted Guidance
Parallel guidelines
Identical contour curves
Adaptive contour
Pivot guidelines
Headland Management
Automatic Section Control
Export data to Google Earth
Implement configuration
Auto-Steering extension
Satellite Navigation on Here Maps
Software updates via Wi-Fi






Built-in battery
Remote Control
Serial Ports





Included in the box
Protective cover, Heavy duty Suction cup holder, powered bracket, cigarette lighter adapter, Cobo adapter, spade terminals adapters, remote control, Micro SD cardProtective cover, Heavy duty Suction cup holder, powered bracket, cigarette lighter adapterProtective rubber cover, power cable with serial port, holder with suction cup, magnetic mount, car charger, AC/DC charger

Compatible GPS Receivers

Novatel AG STAR
Novatel SMART6 L

Suggested Use

Mapping, Fertilizing, Spraying
+ Auto-Steering applications
Mapping, Fertilizing, SprayingMapping, Fertilizing, Spraying

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