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Za nakup sem se odločil pred poletnimi počitnicami. Ker sem se odpravljal na dopust na Hrvaško sem potreboval navigacijo tudi s to kartografijo. Po pregledu ponudbe in primerjav različnih navigacij preko internetne strani, sem hitro izbral ustrezno navigacijo in jo prejel v 2 dnevih.

Janez iz Kočevja

V podjetju Gepoint se zavedamo, da je za pravilno uporabo navigacije potrebno nekaj časa in truda. Da bi vam to olajšali smo uvedli celovite tečaje, ki smo jih razdelili v dva dela in sicer:

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AvMap: Akcija: G7 Plus Farmnavigator + Novatel AgStar Antena + avtomatsko vodenje Novariant

AvMap Akcija: G7 Plus Farmnavigator + Novatel AgStar Antena + avtomatsko vodenje Novariant

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7.959,00 €

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Brezplačna dostava za vse izdelke v skupni vrednosti nad 180 €.


What is it?

The Farmnavigator Auto-steering System controls your vehicle steering, and helps you stay on track following with great precision the guide lines set on the Farmnavigator.

This way, you can switch from the “light bar” system to automatic driving, meaning you can focus on controlling the implements instead of worrying about the steering wheel, which improves the quality and effectiveness of the job. Such a system is very useful in scarce visibility conditions, in case of fog and dusty fields.

You can disengage the auto steering by firmly grasping the steering wheel; vice versa you can engage it very easily by tapping the corresponding icon on the Farmnavigator display.

All the advantages of Automatic Steering

The Farmnavigator Auto-steering System allows you using the whole length of your implements, maximizing the crop area and reducing overlapping. This system saves you time (as the headland maneuvers will be faster) and saves you money, reducing waste of fuel, seeds and fertilizers. This results in a quantitative and qualitative improvement of your crop, and a higher return on investment.

The system consists in:

Farmnavigator C-Box

The connections hub

G7 Plus Farmnavigator

The display of the system

Farmnavigator ECU

 It converts information from the Farmnavigator into actual steering commands.

Farmnavigator MDU

The Mechanical drive Unit.


MDU easy installation

The MDU mounts on existing steering wheel without requiring its removal thanks to the Patented universal ring gear. The MDU simply clamps on and off for fast and easy transfer across vehicles of different brands and types (tractors, sprayers, spreaders or combines).

• High torque gear for the most demanding vehicles

• High speed response to quickly get the vehicle on-line

WAAS / EGNOS level pass to pass accuracy

Farmnavigator ECU: the compact and versatile steering controller

The Farmnavigator ECU houses the compass, gyro and accelerometers used to detect orientation and movement of vehicle. It receives corrected GPS data from the external receiver, and converts information from the Farmnavigator to actual steering commands.

• Compatible with any GNSS smart antenna. It supports GPS, Glonass, Galileo and Beidou constellations

• Centimeter level accuracy when used with an RTK correction signal

• Supports all vehicle interface types: Mechanical, ISO/CAN, Hydraulic and Factory steer ready.

• Custom install kits are available from Novariant to simplify installation for over 750 models of agricultural machines.

• 9-axis inertial sensor to provide enhanced terrain compensation

• Programming and maintenance over WiFi

• Automatic setup and calibration

Compatible with Automatic Section Control Extension

Combine the Auto-Steering System with the Farmnavigator Automatic Section Control extension to optimize your work!

The Automatic Section Control is obtained connecting G7 Farmnavigator to a compatible controller through ethernet cable. G7 Farmnavigator calculates the exact treated area and controls automatically the boom sections (based on the position received by the DGPS antenna) in order to avoid treatment overlaps and risk of crop injuries.

G7 Farmnavigator is compatible with:

  • MC elettronica VT 5,7”

  • Caffini CB9

  • Geoline Geosystem 260

  • Farmscan Unipod

How to install the system

The receiver (not included) connects to G7 Famnavigator via serial cable. The G7 Farmnavigator connects to the ECU through the C-Box and Ethernet Cable.

Setup Wizard

Easily configure the ECU following the step-by-step wizard on the G7 Farmnavigator display.

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